Gift Planning
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The Pontefract Society

The Pontefract Society honors all those who have taken the special step of including Pomfret School in their long-term plans through a bequest provision, life-income gift, or other deferred giving arrangement. Members of the Pontefract Society have demonstrated a loyalty, foresight and generosity that will benefit Pomfret and contribute to its excellence for many years to come.

If you have included Pomfret in your estate plans, please contact us and let us know. We would like to recognize and thank you for your generosity by including you in the Pontefract Society where you will be joining over 100 Pomfret alumni, parents and friends who have joined you in planning for Pomfret's future.

Planned gifts of any amount qualify, and membership is purely honorary — there is no obligation. Your inclusion helps set an inspiring example for others who may be considering supporting Pomfret students and faculty through a planned gift.

Current Members

Anonymous (33)

E. Davies Allan '58

Richard A. Bensen '70

Carswell R. Berlin '71

Whitney S. Bodman '68

William M. Boehme '62

Mary W. Bogardus

Peter H. Borgemeister '69

Brooke Rorer Brown '87

Peter B. Burnham, Jr. '79

Peter G. Canby '68

Virginia K. Cargill

Gilbert W. Chapman, Jr. '52

Leslie III & Marilyn Cheek

Homer D. W. & Gertrude Chisholm

Kenyon W. Clark '67

Nathaniel R. Clymer '65

David L. Craven '61

John R., Jr. '58 & Julia B. Curtis

Celenia Delsol

John A. '64 & Constance S. Dix

Herbert Drake, Jr. '61

Lammot du Pont III '50

Jeb N. Embree '59

Richard J. Fates '63

David A. Feffer '67

Frederick E. Findlay '65

Henry J. Fisher II '72

Robert B. Fiske, Jr. '48

Paul D. Fowler '64

George M. Galpin '65

Andrew G. Goldmark '69

Galen N. '58 & Patty Griffin

John S. Griswold, Jr. '63

Alice E. Hale

Alan Hamerstrom '59

Kendrick Harmon '53

William H. Hayes '67

Charles V. Henry III '52

John Herron, Jr. '69

Jennifer M. Hoben-Williams '78

Kirk Hollingsworth '45

John T. Hoyt, Jr. '49

Anthony S. Hoyt '56

Richard S. Jackson, Jr. '61

Peter B. Kelsey '64

Justin P. Klein '65

Ronald A. Levene '82

Kate C. Lindsey

Scott W. '76 & Susanna Maker

James D. Makowsky '63

David W. Mason '58

John A. Paine '54

Ridley Pearson '71

Daniel A. Poor '63

Rachel E. Prentiss '77

Philip B. Rettger '75

Theodore R. Robb '52

E. Brooks Robbins '55

Carl E. Rohde II '69

James D. Seymour '65

George T. Shaw '58

Robert L. Sims '69

Samuel N. Stokes '58

Bradford P. '54 & Diane Straus

David J. Watkins '62

Gordon B. Wheeler '69

Robert T. Whitman '65

Robert J. Yudell '65

Deceased Members

Hugh W. '42 & Anne M. Adams

Loring M. Bailey, Sr.

David S. Baker, Jr. '34

John H. Bartlett II '47

Edith McBride Bass

Anson M. Beard '28

Charles R. Beattie, Jr. '47

Howard S. Bergman '56

John A. Bogardus, Jr. '45

Richard B. Bulkeley, Jr. '30

George R. Bunker '42

Donald M. Chisholm '20

William H. Clark III '46

Denise W. Watkeys Clarke

Harmony T. Twichell Clement

S. Prescott B. Clement '40

Henry M. Colvin '37

Richard F. Cooper

William H. Coverdale, Jr. '29

Edward S. Davis '49

Anne Dielhenn

Richard L. English '54

Francis C. Farwell II '40

Bennett L. Fisher '60

Seth B. French, Jr. '37

Wyatt Garfield '43

Ralph T. Gerstle '44

John R. Gibb '40

Barclay F. Gordon '52

Henry S. Grant '55

Charles Gulden

Newell D. Hale

John T. Hamilton II '29

Eric R. Hansen '37

Stephen B. Hard '34

Marjorie W. Hard

Benjamin P. Harris III '54

Henry F. Harris '47

Alison P. Henning

Theodore & Evelyn M. Herman

William Heyburn II '43

Dwight A. Horne '29

Elinor Johnston

Waldo C. M. Johnston

Charles King, Jr. '38

Howard S. Kniffin '26

Janet Arvonen Kniffin '70

Chester K. Lasell '54

John T. Lawrence '40

P. Blair Lee 1914

Cynthia C. Lefferts

Halleck & Sarah B. Lefferts

John W. Lewis, Jr. '24

John W. Livermore '23

Louis L. Lorillard '39

James L. Lowery, Jr. '50

Barton L. Mallory, Jr. '24

Wendell D. Mansfield '48 HON

Robert K. Massey, Jr. '59

J. William Mees

Frank Melville III '40

Buckingham P. Merriman 1906

Peter M. Moffitt '44

Benjamin B. Morgan '53

George M. Mott '31

Louise M. Olmsted

Francis '64 & Frederica Paine

John C. Parsons 1918

Roswell B. Perkins '43

Paul F. Perkins, Jr. '41

Frederick J. Platt, Jr.

Mrs. Daniel S. Poor

Thomas A. Potter, Jr.

Junius L. Powell, Jr. '43

David S. Proctor '45

Waldron W. Proctor '40

William R. Proctor, Jr. '39

Frederick C. Pullman '45

Richard H. Randall, Jr. '44

Bruce M. Ridgway '32

James R. Riker '51

Esther Roberts

Barclay Robinson, Jr. '52

Douglas B. Robinson '31

William P. Rowland '39

Benjamin M. Rowland '61

Arthur K. Salomon '53

Rosalie Seely-Brown

Cheston Simmons, Jr. '47

Phyllis M. Smith

Thomas D. Soutter '51

Edward A. Sprague '50

L. Prather Stack, Jr. '39

Scott L. Steele '71

Richard S. Storrs, Jr. '56

Henry Strong '41

John I. Tappen '47

Nancy O. Thayer

Bogart F. Thompson '35

Charles C. Townsend 1920

Charles C. Townsend, Jr. '45

David C. Twichell '62

Joseph H. Twichell '67

Barbara R. H. Ullyot

Jeffrey P. Walker '40

Thomas Wallace '34

Louise M. Warner

William F. Whitehouse, Jr. '34

Charles A. Willard '62